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Question: What sizes can my plans/layouts be made?

Answer: Standards sizes are 8 ½ x 11; 11 x 17. We can accommodate any size.

Question: What is the procedure and cost to obtain a quote for service?

Answer: We do not charge for review of your drawings or to submit a quote for service. However, we will need to see a copy of your floor plan(s) to submit a formal quote for services. You may send them to us via email, fax or hardcopy.

A Non-Disclosure of Information can be sent to you if required.

Once you receive our quote and indicate to us your approval to proceed, we will draft your plans, send them to you via email or fax so you may note the locations of your fire/life safety equipment and path of travel for evacuation. When this step has been completed and all has been approved we will ship your evacuation plans to you printed and laminated or via email in PDF format for printing at your own facility.

Question: What is the turn-around-time?

Answer: Usually less than one week, depending on the number of plans and the time it takes for you to approve or edit the maps.

Question: What safety symbols can I use on my maps/layouts?

Answer: Any Fire or Life Safety equipment you choose to use. If we do not have a symbol for a piece of equipment, we will create one for you at no extra charge. We can also customize the Instructions if you require it. We create customized maps/layouts for your facility.

Question: I have floor plans of my facility that are in a .jpeg format, what is this and can you work with it?

Answer: We work with many electronic graphic files such as those created with AutoCAD, Voloview, Acrobat, Paintshop, Word, Excel and others. The file types we typicaly work with are: dwg, dwf, pdf, doc/docx, xls/xlxs, gif, tif, jpeg, bmp to name the most common.

Question: I only have paper plans, can you use them?

Answer: Yes, we accept any size paper plans. You don't need to have them scanned.

Question: I want you to come to my facility and create my plans at my site. Can you do


Answer: We would be happy to visit you and create an Asbuilt of your facility. Our parent company, Terminal Velocity FM, specializes in Facilities Management including CAD and CAFM services. We use the latest technology in field surveys and drafting. We can create

a simple Architectural plan to include walls, door and windows, or if you wish we could add furniture panels and fixed equipment such as copiers. If you are interested in Lighting, HVAC , Plumbing or Civil plans we can do that also. Please visit for more information on our services, samples of our work and a partial client list.

Question: What safety symbols can I use on my evacuation maps?

Answer: Any fire and life safety quipment you choose to use. If there is no existing symbol for a piece of equipment we will create one for you at no extra cost. We can also customize the Instructions.

Question: What is the NFPA?

Answer: The National Fire Protection Agency ( which sets the standard for fire related codes.

Question: What is the OSHA?

Answer: Occupational Safety and Health Agency ( The OSHA requires you to have evacuation maps which clearly show emergency escape routes. Most workplaces must have at least two exit routes but additional routes and access may be required depending on the size and arrangement of the building and the number of employees or in case the primary and secondary routes are blocked by fire and or smoke.

Question: Where can I get local help in deciding what requirements I need for my


Answer: The first place to start is your local Fire Department's Fire Prevention Officer or AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). This person will advise you, conduct fire drills and inspect your facility for safety hazards.

Be sure to click on our Education tab for informational PDF handouts on a variety of topics including Fire Safety, Evacuation, Campus Safety and Hazards for you to print and bring to your next Safety Meeting. Also, under Categories, the Safety Websites page gives you websites and descriptions where you can go for more information such as Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA.